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Eric SarragaLugo

Web User Interface Developer

Hey everyone! I'm Eric SarragaLugo. I'm a Full-Stack Software Developer enrolled at Lambda School to make a way for a better tomorrow. Although I'm still new to development, I'm moving forward quickly and I have a passion for learning new technologies and techniques!

Shobhita Vaishnav

Web User Interface Developer

I am Shobhita Vaishnav,living in Pleasanton ,CA. I am currently learning technologies which would help me become a fullstack developer. My current technologies are HTML,CSS and Javascript. I am a self learner and always looking for opportunities to improve myself.

Sachin Benny

Web User Interface Developer

I work as a product marketer with tech start ups, write in my free time and I'm learning to code at Lambda.

Dionuta (Tay) Burton

Front End Architect

I am Dionuta Burton I also go by “Tay”. I am a young developer who has a hunger for learning. I’m currently focusing on learning technologies to become a Full Stack Web Developer. I am currently fully competent in front end web development and some back end development.

Shota Kikozashvili

Front End Architect

I am a recent grad in biology captivated by learning to code and the potential in doing so. My last name is long but even longer than that is my determination to become a Full Stack Web Developer. And yes it is true, the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

Edward Reeseg

Backend Architect

I'm a full-stack web developer with an interest in client-centered UX/UI implementation and efficient back-end performance. I'm a motivated self-starter and father of two, always looking for any opportunity to grow, learn, and improve.

Ronald Libago

Team Lead