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At ImmuTrack, we know from experience that sometimes it's the little things which make the most difference day-to-day. Read below to see examples of how we've helped other people like you!

I travel frequently for my photography business. Using ImmuTrack has greatly improved my quality of life since I can make sure that I meet all requirements well in advance. No hassle makes for splendid photos!

Thanks to ImmuTrack I no longer worry about the extra burden getting my patient’s records might provide. The process is quick and painless which helps everything go just a little smoother.

As student abroad, ImmuTrack has made things so much easier for me. Now I can focus on what I really want to do instead of on gathering papers.

ImmuTrack saved out wedding plans! A couple of weeks before the wedding, as we were finalizing our honeymoon itinerary we realized that we had to gather the medical documentation necessary for our travel visas. We had no time to spare and thanks to ImmuTrack we were able to make our dreams a reality. Can’t wait to use it with our child soon!

ImmuTrack has taken so much stress out of these first few months. A few weeks before our baby was due I was stressing over how to know when my baby needed shots and which ones they would need. In comes ImmuTrack like a superhero! When I discovered this service I wasn’t sure, but now I can’t imagine trying to handle all of this info without it.

We’ve been using ImmuTrack for just over a year and it has fundamentally changed the way our practice handles vaccinations. By using ImmuTrack we can make sure our customers have all of the information they want ahead of time. And don’t even get me started on moves! Before it was such a hassle trying to make sure patient records were delivered correctly. Now it just takes a few taps and BAM!

I’m so thankful to have access to ImmuTrack. For our first child we didn’t have it and I can’t even begin to explain the difference it has made. Suffice it to day we use it for both of our children and for ourselves.